The Funny Farm & Tropical Nursery
Contact: Pelin Morawski
Address: P.O. Box 1297 Kaunakakai, HI, 96748
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About Us
First, you may be wondering why I call this place the funny farm?! Well that idea came from a friend who once said "Every time I come to the place everything is kind of whimsically chaotic there- the goats are being rambunctious and making goat sounds, the cats and dogs are barking, meowing and playing, often with the chickens who are doing all the wacky things happy chickens's like some kind of funny farm!" And the name kinda stuck!

Funny Farm is located on the east end of Molokai. It strives to create and maintain a diverse oasis of homegrown goods based on traditional ideas inspired by various indigenous practices so that I can forage foods in my own backyard for myself and then offer up the surplus to those who are interested in having it.
Everything on the Funny Farm is organically grown and without the use of any chemical pesticides or fertilizers whatsoever. Everything I grow here is fertilized by truly free range chickens who only eat what chickens naturally eat- bugs, grasses and other plants, fruits and so on. All the chickens have names and are pets and friends as much as they are a big help around the garden. I also actively employ the use of green manures, compost and wood ashes as amendments to the soil in order to achieve maximum nutrition in everything I grow. The plants here are watered with pure mountain water that is gloriously alive and does not contain any of the toxic chemicals typically found in the general water supply such as chlorine and fluoride.