Makalapua Orchard & Gardens
Contact: Jeanette Tensfeldt-Voelz
Address: PO Box 636 Kaunakakai, HI, 96748
Email Address:
Phone: 808-658-5423
About Us
We are the Tensfeldt 'ohana. Our family-run orchard and gardens were started in 2001 on five acres in Kaluakoi. Our family has been tending plants for three generations on Molokai, starting with Mahana Nursery in the early 80's (Thea & Egon, Ray & Glenda), then with Makalapua Landscapes (Ray & Glenda), and now with Makalapua Orchard & Gardens (Jeanette Tensfeldt-Voelz, Brian Voelz, and Ray Tensfeldt). We have a large orchard that grows grapefruit, oranges, starfruit, lychee, lemons, limes, mango, avocado, bananas, and guava, and we are expanding. We have a new vegetable garden and have planted almost everything under the sun: tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, squash, onions, peppers, carrots, lettuce, beets, radishes, brassicas, spices, pineapple, peanuts, and more! We are also starting a flower garden for decorative arrangements. We're excited to be one small addition to the fantastic network of 'ohana farms on the island!
Conserving water is important to us; we use drip irrigation on all our crops so that no water is wasted. Organic farming practices are a top priority; we use compost to enrich our soils, organic mulch to prevent water loss and control weeds, and organic products to control pests, but we are not certified organic. We love trying out new varieties of heirloom seeds and we do not use any GMO seeds. The primary goal for this farm has always been to provide our family with the healthiest, tastiest, freshest food we can get, and we're so pleased that we can make this high-quality abundant produce available to the wider community.