Kaleikoa Farms
Contact: Rick & Theresa Tamanaha
Address: PO BOX 248 Kualapu'u, HI, 96757
Email Address:
Phone: 808-658-0925
About Us
Kaleikoa Farms is made up of three generations of the Kaleikoa 'ohana, who have direct roots to the homestead. The homestead includes a 5 acre house lot and 35 acres of agricultural land. The homestead provides all of us an opportunity to accept the responsibility of stewardship of the land. We decided that we must take charge of resources we were so fortunate to have and allow it to provide us with the sustenance we need, while guiding our way of life.

We selected and remain concentrated on growing strawberry sunrise papaya. Prior generations have grown and raised watermelon, pineapple and cattle.
We utilize organic farming methods only.