Contact: Nani and Mike Kahinu
Address: PO Box 650 Lot 18 Maunaloa Highway Kaunakakai, HI, 96748
Email Address:
Phone: 808-336-0387
About Us
Aloha my name is Nani Kahinu and I own and operate Na'ike Ltd with my husband Mike Kahinu. You will see our family at pop up events together ranging from bake sales, food tent, novelty booths and our made on Molokai Shoyu Chili Pepper Blend.
Mykal's Munchies:
Originally started as a fundraising effort for Mykal to travel with his school and swim meets, Mykal's Munchies has evolved into a small business run by Nani & her son Mykal. Always looking for creative ideas to feature local produce in each of our Munchies line, we try to delight your taste buds. Ranging from Purdy's Farm Macadamia Nuts, dragonfruit & bananas from all parts of the island, soursop from Mana'e, lilikoi from mana'e, chili peppers, mint & lime from our homestead, we have an eclectic mix of produce to create with!

Na'ike Shoyu:
This simple blend of Aloha Shoyu, distilled white vinegar & locally grown hawaiian chili peppers is a favorite condiment, made by husband and wife, Mike & Nani, Kahinu from Kalamaula, Molokai.

Use it as a dipping sauce for crispy roast pork, bbq meat, lumpia and green mango. We have drizzled it over grilled opihi, oysters, pancit , fried saimin, fried fish, lau lau, and rice. Add oil and create your own spicy dressing for salads. Use it as a chaser with your favorite drink. Try it with your favorite food or take it with you since it needs no refrigeration after opening. Available in two heats, Original for those who just like that bite of vinegar and little bit of heat and Hot for those who like it spicy. The dispenser caps on our bottles gives you the right amount every time! Less spilling and wasting than traditional twist off caps.

Mahalo for your support and we welcome any questions or concerns. ALOHA!