Pu'u O Hoku Ranch
Address: PO Box 1889 Mi. 25 Kamehameha V. Hwy Kaunakakai, HI, 96748
Email Address:
Phone: 808-558-8109
About Us
Pu'u O Hoku is a family-owned ranch that seeks above all to conserve the bountiful natural resources of Molokai. We believe the essence of Molokai points the way forward to a spiritual, sustainable relationship between the land of Hawaii and its diverse human occupants.

Our farm has small orchards of citrus, lychee, longan, breadfruit, cacao, coffee, soursop, lemon, lime, and many more. Our farm blocks, surrounded by beautiful bamboo and kukui windbreaks, grow over ten varieties of Awa, Apple Bananas, and a large variety (25+) of vegetables at anytime during the year. We, as a farm team, are so very blessed to be farming on the beautiful, lush east end of Molokai, and our drive is to share it all with you through the way of clean, natural, truly healthy food, just as nature intended.

*If you have interest in touring our farm, please contact our office via phone (558 8109) or email
We are certified Biodynamic and Organic through Stellar's certification process. Non-organic chemicals have not been used on the land for over 25 years and being organic we make no use of GMO's.

The Ranch seed company, Hoku Hawaiian Seeds, believes that growing clean, organic, open-pollinated seed is vital to creating a sustainable future for Hawaii. Our small family-owned seed company on the east end of Molokai benefits from our isolation and the trade winds that bring us nourishing Pacific rains. We provide the highest quality open-pollinated, open-sourced non-GMO seed adapted to Hawaiian growing conditions, hand-selected in trials on our farm for discriminating gardeners and farmers in Hawaii and around the world.