Welcome to Sust'aina ble Molokai Food Hub & Mobile Market !

The vision of Sust'aina ble Molokai Food Hub (SMFH) is to re-establish food sovereignty for Molokai, meaning we grow the majority of our own food, which enables us to decide what food we eat, where it comes from, and how it is grown. Our mission is to increase local production and local consumption. 

The Sust'aina ble Molokai Food Hub supports Molokai farmers and value-added producers by helping to make their fresh, nutritious, locally grown and produced food readily accessible to our community. We do this by aggregating, distributing and marketing island grown and produced products, such as vegetables, fruit, meats, baked goods, seeds, and more. We make it possible for farmers to work together to meet the growing demand for local, sustainable food on the island of Molokai. Farmers benefit from the marketing, selling, packaging and delivering of their produce and prepared foods.   

Our newly launched Mobile Market puts these principles into action. We hope you enjoy shopping, purchasing, cooking with, and eating the amazing products on this site. And stay tuned, as there’s much more fresh, local deliciousness to come!


CUSTOMERS! Would you prefer to buy fresh healthy food from local farmers? Are you interested in reducing your carbon footprint?  If you're ready, Register as a Customer 

PRODUCERS! Are you a local farmer looking for an opportunity to reach out to our community?  Register as a Producer and let us know what you are interested in selling through the Market. You will not be able to sell products until we meet with you so we can be clear about our Policies, Procedures, and Food Safety requirements.



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Here's How it Works: 

Shop for your fresh fruits and vegetables on the Mobile Market, Select Pay on Invoice when checking out. Bring your EBT when you pick up your order and receive 50% off of eligible items!!! (including fresh vegetables, fruits, 'awa, dried fruit, poi, and vegetable and herb starts!)


Visit our Product List  page to see what is available. We're growing and so is our product list. Check the website weekly for new items.